Symbol Description
Show item on map and zoom to element.
Show road on map and zoom to element.
If selected a item or street of same type, the previous selected item will be removed from map and will replaced. Repeating selection of an already selected item will be removed from map. Different items will be show in different color.
/ / Direct link to the object on
Open elements in JOSM. Be sure that you active the remote plugin including https. May you need to accept the certificate of JOSM in your browser open: https://localhost:8112/
/ Show details of the street including all associated addresses.
/ On some pages you can mark some entries as false positives. If you logged with your account you can use this function. You username will be store in database. As correct marked entries will not be shown.

Choice by Level of Administration

You can select a city using Country in the top menu. You will get a list of countries. After select one you get all containing administrative areas and cities. If you select a city or area the polygon will shown on map. A city is defined as relation boundary=administration and is admin_level=8 or if admin_level<8 and doesn't contain no more boundary=administration with admin_level<=8. If selected a administrative area or city you can jump to a administrative upper level using the breadcrumbs on top of every page.


Additional to selecting a city by administrative level you can search a city by name. The search show the results with name and all its administrative levels. The page also searches suburbs which can be selected directly.

Details of city

Depends on available information the following categories will be shown. If there are suburbs within the city, you can click on it apply it as a filter. On mouse over the links to and JOSM will be shown.


All named streets within a city will listed. The list will load dynamic if you come to the bottom of the page. Using the +/- symbol you can show all details for the street including all associated addresses if exists. The type of street is described under Tags with all highway=* values.


All addresses of a city are places under the streets. If there are no matching name of street these addresses are listed under Invalid addresses in the before the list of streets. This list loads dynamic and may takes some seconds. If no invalid addresses are found in a city this part will be removed from page.

Colored Cells

Name of street, suburb, city or the postcode used here wasn't found within the city and it is may be wrong or the associated element is missing.
Name of suburb or city in this field was found within the city but it's may wrong. The application expect to use this name for another field.
Content of gray and italic fields are interpolated by relations of types postcodes, administrative areas or associatedStreet. On mouse over you can see the used relation will be shown.

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